Fibo Wall Panels

Fibo Wall Panels: Perfect for Bathrooms, Showers and Kitchens

Fibo Wall Panels are now available in the United States through a partnership between Innovate Building Solutions and FiboUSA. A solution for wet areas sure to turn heads as much for its beauty as its ability to solve tough problems, builders, developers, designers, architects, remodelers and do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) can solve tough wet room challenges with Fibo Wall Panels. These panels[...]

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Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio: Innovate Building Solutions

Homeowners ready to upgrade their master bath or a guest bath will benefit from the current Deal of the Week being offered by Innovate Building Solutions on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. For a limited time, homeowners can receive a free shower wall and base design consultation from this leading product supplier. A family of eight companies throughout Cleveland and Columbus,[...]

High Gloss Finishes a “Must-Have”

Searching for a sharp, sleek look for your Atlanta kitchen or bath? High gloss acrylic panels may be the perfect solution for your project.  These finishes have been popular in upscale European homes for years, and now American kitchens and bathrooms can acquire this same look. Lustrolite high gloss acrylic panels from Innovate Building Solutions are an affordable choice for[...]

Innovate Building Solutions’ Glass Flooring Systems Offering Unique Design Element

Glass flooring offers a distinctive way to add dramatic flair to your home, and it’s a trend that has been adopted by some of the world’s top tourist attractions. Attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Canyon’s Skywalk have implemented glass flooring, giving guests a unique perspective to enjoy the view from. With Innovate Building Solutions’ modular glass[...]