With a recent move, it was time to talk homeowners insurance, so my agent asked about valuables in our home. We set up a small jewelry rider (and I mean small…I don’t have that much jewelry), and that was about it. But after reading the

Equifax Personal Finance blog , I’m calling her back.

Insurance expert Linda Rey points out many more things to think about than jewelry. Her article, “

Insuring Jewelry and Other Valuables,”  lists categories that weren’t even on my mind when I spoke with the agent. China, crystal and silverware? I don’t have that much, but it would be expensive to replace. And my personal computer? I couldn’t go a day without it. It would be nice to know it’s fully insured against theft or worse. Sporting equipment? Really?

Rey points out that household items may be covered, but they’re often underinsured, so she recommends a Personal Articles Floater (PAF) for your most valuable items. It’s important to discuss with others in your household what these valuable items may be. My husband might not realize the monetary value of some of the family antiques, for example, while I most definitely didn’t appreciate the value of his bike. (I’m calling on that one tomorrow.)

Rey walks readers through categories of items to consider, as well as the best ways to document their value. As a regular contributor to the

Equifax Personal Finance blog, she has posted other informative article about homeowners insurance as well. Don’t wait until your next move to check them out. Like me, you may want to make some changes right now.

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