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It’s a good thing Academy Mortgage is always here to help and to answer home buying questions. With an increase in home building driving the Atlanta real estate market back up, new home buyers are beginning to need help once again when it comes to financing uncertainties.

Starting with a credit report, buyers should look at this personal information as their ‘financial report card.’ When lenders pull a credit report, they are looking for information such as your credit score and how your payments have been paid in the past. The credit score is important because the number will indicate which type of loan program you qualify for and your interest rate, while knowing your payment history on other items tends to be a good indication of how you will make future payments.

If you want to clean up your credit report before you apply for a new home loan, it’s good to start with these simple tips: make your payments on time, do not max-out your credit cards or abuse your revolving debt if possible and finally, if you do fall behind on something, try to get it caught up immediately.

For more information or questions about the loan process, please call Academy Mortgage today at 404-558-4399 to speak with a loan officer or visit www.academymortgage.com.

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