flexible interior design solutions and hybrid work spaces -- media room and desk

Corporate Environments pivoted its business strategy and offerings to meet the needs of companies during the Covid-19 pandemic and it paid off in terms of flexible interior design solutions for clients and 10% overall growth for the business.

Corporate Environments is not just a furniture dealer; the commercial interior designer focuses on space planning and designing flexible workspaces for business, from planning the interior all the way to maintenance and upkeep. Flexibility is a key in 2021 as businesses look for safe ways to go back to work in person. And this can mean a hybrid work solution or fully back in the office.

“As a one-stop solution for customers in their workspace design journey, I’m proud of the great work our team is doing and the rapid growth we’ve experienced this year,” said Jay Weiland, President of Corporate Environments.

Two key new projects over the past year include replacement of furniture damaged at Grady Healthcare during a catastrophic flood and providing furniture for Insight Global’s Atlanta headquarters and more than 50 field offices.

Patient room at Grady

The main focus of the Grady Healthcare project was to get 247 beds back online. However, this comprehensive project included outfitting the nurse manager offices and stations, as well as break rooms, conference rooms and administrative areas. Three consultation rooms were also furnished. Several other common areas were furnished including lobbies and waiting rooms to provide patients and guests with updated spaces.

The Insight Global project includes conference tables, conference seating, breakout areas, reception, workstations and much more.

With a focus on planning and designing spaces, executing and project managing build outs, and space maintenance and warranty services, Corporate Environments covers a wide range of solutions for business. Weiland states, “Corporate Environments focuses on the work environment for the companies we represent, so that they can focus on their work.”

Corporate Environments represents a wide array of companies in market sectors that include corporations, healthcare, education, government and even intermarket work.

Corporate Environments helps clients develop spaces that are efficient, inviting and safe, and is currently focused on providing businesses with functional and agile solutions in response to pandemic-related needs. The team is working with a diverse group of manufacturers to create spaces that provide healthy environments and improve the patient experience. For more information on Corporate Environments or its flexible interior design solutions, visit www.CorporateEnvironments.com.

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