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Grady Health Systems, the operator of Grady Memorial Hospital, recently turned to Corporate Environments for furniture procurement and installation for its operations and capital improvements. Grady Memorial Hospital serves as the fifth-largest public hospital and one of the busiest Level 1 trauma centers in the country.

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of a catastrophic flood that eliminated 247 badly needed beds in December 2019 and the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in March 2020, Grady found itself in a dire situation at the height of a pandemic, critically short on beds.

“From the beginning, Corporate Environments put its best foot forward by showcasing our capable team,” Corporate Environments Director of Healthcare Sales Jeff Durr said. “Rather than meeting only the sales team on the initial call, we involved our designer, project manager, account manager, directors and leadership team to tell the full story.

“This made it easy for Grady to trust that our knowledgeable team would work with them all the way through the process from furniture budgeting, planning, procurement and installation.”

Understanding Grady Memorial Hospital’s urgent timeline meant Corporate Environments had to work with its installers and manufacturers to meet tight deadlines. The team worked with Director of Facilities Development of Grady Health Systems, Thomas Lemieux, to fast track the procurement process for their immediate furniture purchase to furnish the space damaged by the flood. While refurnishing the space, Grady Memorial Hospital improved the durability of surface materials, making them easier to clean and disinfect. This provides long-term return on investment related to the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS), which impacts Medicare reimbursement.

Patient room at GradyThe first project completed by Corporate Environments was getting 247 beds back online after a huge flood. The task to procure and install came at the height of the ongoing pandemic with many uncertainties related to shipping product, social distancing during installation, etc. Corporate Environments was challenged with having all product onsite by July 25, 2020, with an estimated opening of August 17, 2020; the date moved up to August 7, 2020, as the construction schedule rapidly exceeded expectations under the direction of the Grady Health Systems’ Facilities Team.

This comprehensive project included outfitting the nurse manager offices and stations, as well as break rooms, conference rooms and administrative areas. Three consultation rooms were also furnished. Several other common areas will be furnished in October including lobbies and waiting rooms to provide patients and guests with updated spaces.

“This project is a testament to the Corporate Environments mastery of purchasing and willingness to roll up our sleeves and earn business in a down-turned economy,” Durr said. “Understanding what our vendors are capable of and meeting a need related to being short 247 beds is no small feat amid a pandemic.

“Strong communication, organization and coordination kept the team on schedule despite the obstacles. Grady was impressed Corporate Environments was able to meet its aggressive deadline, and now, we have earned their trust to take on just about anything.”

The ability to meet deadlines, knowledge of healthcare and turnkey solutions resulted in Grady Health Systems awarding Corporate Environments three product packages that encompass facilitating all furniture procurement for new and existing properties. At present, five projects have been completed with an additional 15 on the books – capital improvements, as well as operational. This represents a major growth of the healthcare vertical for Corporate Environments, adding an estimated $2 million annually.

Corporate Environments helps clients develop spaces that are efficient, inviting and safe, and is currently focused on providing businesses with workspace solutions for coronavirus. The team is working with a diverse group of manufacturers to create spaces that provide healthy environments and improve patient experience. The firm works in several verticals including construction and real estate, corporate, education, government and healthcare.

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