Co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick continue their New Year’s Resolution series on this week’s episode of Around Atlanta. Today’s guest is Ulrick Bien-Aimè from Bien-Aimè Strength & Stretch Studio to tell listeners about the importance of keeping muscles strong and flexible on the journey to getting in shape.

Boasting around 30 years of experience in training, education and disciplined health values, Bien-Aimè arrived in Atlanta in 1981 and attended Morehouse College, where he studied chemistry, biology and physics. After his undergraduate years, Bien-Aimè earned a Master’s degree in sports nutrition from Georgia State University and a strength conditioning specialist certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NCSA). His background studying anatomy and physiology has helped him truly transform the health of his clients.

The studio’s motto is “Your health is your wealth.” Before individuals can be great at their jobs, he says, they need to focus on their health so that they can keep their minds working well and their energy levels up.

Bien-Aimè Strength & Stretch Studio first does a wellness check on an individual’s cardiovascular condition, muscular strength, muscular endurance and muscular flexibility. From there, the studio can give a “prescription” and let clients know where they can improve and what to do to improve. Its machines, such as its treadmills, are not motorized, but self-powered, and its bicycles move with the rider like a real bike outside would, making the knees, tendons and ligaments strain less. Bien-Aimè says this puts clients more in touch with their bodies and their breathing, so they can listen to their bodies and breathe properly.

The reason so many people break their New Year’s Resolutions, he says, is that they do not have enough structure in their program. Many are already stressed and are coming back to their exercise programs from years prior but have not taken the time to get to know their bodies, which is where Bien-Aimè Strength & Stretch Studio’s health test comes in handy. Their previous exercise program may not work the same anymore unless they take the time to de-stress their muscles. Once they assess their muscular condition, he says, many clients start off by simply stretching and breathing so their muscles can get back to work. Bien-Aimè advises clients to take their time, begin their fitness journeys slowly and not to become frustrated when they don’t meet their goals in so short a period of time.

Strength and flexibility go hand in hand at Bien-Aimè Strength & Stretch Studio. “A flexible muscle is a strong muscle and a tight muscle is a weak muscle,” Bien-Aimè says. Before a muscle can be strong, it needs to be flexible, so Bien-Aimè and his clients focus heavily on flexibility of both the muscles and the mind.

Bien-Aimè encourages anyone who wants to focus on their health to focus on the small goals they meet every day, like five to 10 minutes of walking, drinking enough water and eating three balanced meals a day. He also says to see a professional who knows how to treat muscles if you are experiencing strain to assess the injury to begin healing before strengthening the area.

To learn more about Bien-Aimè’s advice for keeping the muscles flexible on your fitness journey, listen to today’s podcast. If you’re interested in getting Bien-Aimè’s help with keeping your muscles flexible and healthy, call 678-365-5770.


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bien-aime strength + stretch studio


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bien-aime strength + stretch studio