The Atlanta Professional Women in Building Chapter (Atlanta PWB) received several awards at this month’s International Builders’ Show in Orlando for its outstanding commitment to educating and empowering women who are professionals in the home building industry.

Atlanta PWB received a second place award in the Outstanding Innovative Programs category for its “Ask Sara” initiative. At every meeting, PWB Membership vice chair Sara Gillis dressed up in a hard hat and construction vest as a symbol for new members and first-time guests to learn about PWB and ask any questions. Sara was promoted on social media and through other means so that attendees would know that she was the person with answers at meetings. “Her outfit was a nod to the fact we can be women in the industry in high heels and business suits while also transitioning to hard hats and being out in the field,” said PWB board member Courtney Rogers.

The chapter also received a second place award in the Outstanding Legislative and Political Action Program category for Heels and Hammers, Atlanta PWB’s private label wine. Heels and Hammers raised several thousand dollars of funds for BUILD-PAC, the NAHB’s political action arm.

Additionally, one of the chapter’s members was one of only a handful of finalists for PWB’s Woman of the Year award. Betsy Sheppard of Gilbert & Sheppard Group, a past Atlanta PWB president and founding member, was one the finalists for PWB’s most prestigious national award, given to just one member nationwide each year.

Sheppard, along with Meg Thompson, also received an Outstanding Service Award from the PWB National Board of Trustees. Sheppard and Thompson are both past Atlanta PWB Chairs and PWB National Board of Trustees members.

For their membership recruiting efforts, three Atlanta PWB members, Lattice Hardwick, Michelle Valente Lee and Tamra Wade, received PWB Spike Awards. Additionally, Donna Mathis and Irene Hall, Atlanta PWB’s current and past chairs, received Life Spike Awards for exceeding recruitment expectations in 2017.

Congratulations to the Atlanta PWB chapter on its success!