While homeowners and homebuyers may be thinking in terms of red, orange and yellow with fall officially underway, Brock Built knows they should also be thinking green. With Atlanta new homes from Brock Built, homeowners are able to maximize the eco-friendliness and energy efficiency of their new home through the use of our trademarked GreenSmart program.

Here’s a look at what GreenSmart is made of:

  • House Wrap: All GreenSmart homes are entirely covered in House Wrap, a protective material that prevents the infiltration of air and water into your home.
  • Radiant Barrier Roofing: This roofing material blocks out 97 percent of all radiant heat going into your home’s attic, which helps keep your home naturally cooler and can cut monthly air conditioning costs by up to 17 percent.
  • Exterior Doors and Windows: All openings between the home and outside have a spray foam sealant applied. Silicon and tape are also applied around all windows in order to further seal and protect your home. Our windows are also made of a coated glass product that reflects heat.
  • Insulation: Cellulose Insulation is an additional option we offer to homeowners; this type of insulation is made purely from recycled newspapers and other paper sources.
  • HVAC: The heating, venting and air conditioning of a home typically accounts for the largest portion of homeowner utility bills, which is why we utilize 14 Seer A/C units that can save hundreds of dollars annually. Additionally, we use high efficiency gas furnaces that offer tremendous benefits and savings.
  • Air Sealing: Our GreenSmart homes all have sealed off attic stairs, knee walls and exterior utility penetrations. We also require mastic and caulk on all HVAC boots.
  • Plumbing Fixtures: We aim to conserve water through setting the maximum gallon per  minute standard for all plumbing fixtures.
  • Light Fixtures: 50 percent of all light bulbs within each home must be high efficiency bulbs, which produce 75 percent less heat and use 75 percent less energy.
  • Appliances: We are proud of our use of ENERGY STAR appliances that have up to 50 percent more efficiency than standard appliances.
  • Testing: All of our homes are tested by a certified verifier test, which reassure homeowners of the premium optimality of our homes.

If you’re searching for an Atlanta new home that will have you seeing green in more than one way or for more information, please visit the Brock Built website.

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