Today’s All About Real Estate edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio features Scott Lockhart, chief operating officer with Showcase IDX.

Showcase IDX is a unique real estate search plug-in for WordPress. Many realtors in the Atlanta area utilize WordPress to build their own personal websites and the team at Showcase made a move to focus on that market. Company founder Alan Pinstein and Scott Lockhart worked together to make the idea of Showcase IDX a reality. Together with their team, Showcase IDX has continued to grow quickly and revolutionize the real estate market.

Incorporating the Showcase plug-in into a WordPress website allows users to provide home search capabilities on their websites instead of sending site visitors to another website like Trulia or Zillow. The plug-in also allows users to provide constantly updated listings as the plug-in updates every 10 minutes. Showcase IDX also works with the SEO of the website and integrates seamlessly into the existing structure. It’s easy to locate the plug-in by searching for it on the back end of WordPress. Once installed, users get a 10-day free trial and will have an option to customize the services provided.

The company recently began a national expansion after having been focused on the Georgia and Florida market for its past 10 years in existence. To achieve a successful expansion, the Showcase team has been cultivating relationships with MLS services across the country. The plug-in is very flexible and is installed via a shortcode, which creates a search bar that can easily be used to search for listings. There are other widgets available, which allow for insertion into a sidebar. The goal Showcase strives to reach is to provide the level of service potential home buyers want in increasing home viewings and sales. Scott explains, “What the consumer wants is to find the home that they don’t know about yet but they feel is theirs. One of the biggest fears when people are searching for a home is that they are going to miss out on the home that is theirs. We take that seriously and it is a motivating factor in our design.”

Once a visitor finds a home, there are a variety of ways that leads are created and visitors are engaged. There are customizable options for contacting the agent or for having a prospective buyer fill out a registration to contact the agent. As the way the internet impacts the real estate industry continues to evolve, the company is looking forward to 2016 and the launch of a 3.0 version of the service. In the last few months, the company has added some exciting members to its staff who have worked to expand the set of tools used to find a home and focus more on the consumer side of the home search process, allowing a variety of people to collaborate in the search for that perfect dream home.

To learn more about Showcase IDX, visit the company website at or give them a call at 1-800-478-0181.


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