One reason so many people in the Augusta, Ga., area seek out a Keystone-built home is the beautifully landscaped neighborhoods, where they can indulge their gardening passions.

Even the winter offers perfect opportunities for homeowners to take care of some garden maintenance. The cool temperatures and low humidity mean you can work comfortably in your garden, even in the  middle of the day.

If you plan to grow delicious vegetables this spring, now is the ideal time to prepare the soil in your garden. Add your own compost or buy compost from your local nursery or garden center. The organic matter in the compost with replenish the soil and encourage healthy vegetables through the growing season.

Winter is also an excellent time to plant or relocate ornamental shrubs and trees. Since the plants are dormant, moving or planting them now gives them a chance to acclimate to their new environment before temperatures climb in the spring. Be sure to mix some compost into the soil to promote healthy growth.

In addition to planting or relocating plants, now is the perfect time for pruning certain shrubs and trees. Be sure to look up specific pruning instructions for your plants though, as they each can be pruned starting during different parts of the season.

Buyers get more for less from Keystone Homes, one of Augusta’s finest home builders. The Augusta area is a great place to live, work and raise a family, and Keystone Homes has the perfect home for you. For more information, visit the Keystone Homes website or call 866-442-4460.

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