If you are an Atlanta family in transition from one home to another, there’s a good chance you will end up renting some sort of space. Perhaps you will secure a storage unit to decrease the clutter in your current home while it is on the market. Perhaps the sale of your new home will not coincide with the closing of your next home, and you’ll need a temporary place to stay. Maybe, like many in today’s economy, you will choose to rent for awhile before rejoining to ranks of homeowners.

Whatever the reason, no one who leases a home or space should be without renter’s insurance. Your landlord will have insurance to cover damages to the building or structure in the event of fire or natural disaster. That coverage will not extend to your belongings.

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Rey explains that the policies generally aren’t very expensive, but they provide significant peace of mind. Not only will they provide replacement of your damaged or destroyed items, but renter’s policies will also provide liability protection in case someone is injured while visiting your home. Often, they’ll help you out if you can’t use your rented space while it’s being repaired or reconstructed.

As with your homeowner’s policy, you’re going to want to talk with your agent about any particularly special or expensive items, such as jewelry, sporting equipment, electronics or antiques. Your agent may recommend a special rider to your policy. Also, you’ll want to document the items you have in your rented space through photos and/or videos. Be sure to store them offsite so you can still access them in case of an emergency.


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