Social Distancing

With the COVID-19 outbreak, social distancing is quickly becoming the new normal. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), social distancing involves deliberately increasing the space between people and staying at home whenever possible to prevent further spread. Staying at home 24/7 can be quite an adjustment and one requires a bit of a routine change to keep from going stir crazy. Here are a few things to do at home to keep busy and help maintain some social distancing sanity.

Cleaning and Home Projects

Organize – There’s no excuse for not taking part in spring cleaning this year. Rearrange bookshelves, organize closets or tackle that cluttered garage or storage room space.

Declutter – While cleaning, take the time to go through items in the home and give them a good Marie Kondo style look over. If it hasn’t been used or doesn’t “spark joy”, it may be a time to find it a new home.

Fix up – Have anything in the house you’ve been meaning to fix? Social distancing may not be the time for major home renovations, but quick fixes and home projects are easy to knock out and get out of the way.

Clean – Give your home a good deep cleaning. Sweep, vacuum, dust and clean every surface of the home, especially those you come into contact with regularly. Make your own cleaning products at home with everyday items to avoid a trip to the store.

Kitchen and Cooking

Pantry Meals – Running to the grocery store for ingredients isn’t exactly convenient right now. Instead, make use of the items in your pantry and whip up a creative meal using those ingredients.

Order Takeout – Remember to support local restaurants. While we may not be able to eat at our favorite dining establishments, many are still offering curbside takeout and delivery.

Bake Away – Baking a is a great stress reliever and a fun way to keep busy while stuck at home. Just a few basic kitchen staples like flour, butter, sugar, eggs and baking powder are all that’s needed to create a tasty treat.

Use Appliances – Have a kitchen appliance lying around that hasn’t been used in forever? Now is a great time to put them to the test. Take them off the shelf, dust them off and try a new recipe.

Meal Prep – Don’t let that massive grocery haul go to waste. Go ahead a meal prep a bunch of meals and store them in the freezer to eat later. Make sure to label them so you know what order to eat them in.

Ways to Entertain

Binge Watch – Living in the golden age of streaming services, the best programs and movies are readily available at all times. Catch up on the latest series or binge-watch your favorite all over again. Try out features like Netflix Party to stream with friends online.

Read a Book – Taking time out of a normal day to read a book is hard. However, with free time at home, there’s plenty of time to sit down with a good book.

Work a Puzzle – Get the wheels turning and keep the mind sharp with a challenging puzzle. Puzzles are a great activity that take a lot of time and are fun to do in groups. The more pieces the better!

Play Board Games – It’s time to break out the board games. Put your brain to work with a competitive board or card game that everyone can enjoy together.

Video Games – If you can’t play games with friends in person, try playing video games. Most game consoles allow for multiplayer gaming which connects users with their friends.

Get Crafty – Unleash your inner artist with a fun craft project. Be creative and use materials found around the house. For even more fun, try hosting a craft-off competition and compare projects via text or social media.

Karaoke – Nothing beats belting out some karaoke tunes. Youtube is full of karaoke lyric videos that are perfect for following along and taking center stage in your living room.

Learn and Plan Ahead

Learn a New Language – This is a great time to learn a new language. Resources like Duolingo, Babbel and Open Culture offer free online learning tools for those looking to become bi- or multilingual.

Do Some Research – Now is the time to learn! The internet is your friend and is full of information to help expand your knowledge on the topics that interest you most.

Take a Virtual Tour – Museums and other educational attractions may not be open for an in-person visit, but that doesn’t stop them from providing virtual experiences. Many museums such as the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History offer virtual tours online. Google Earth also offers virtual tours of 31 U.S National Parks for users to explore.

Practice a Hobby – Use this time to practice a hobby or discover a new one. There are several online sources such as SkillShare, as well as website and video tutorials that teach new skills ranging from photography, graphic design, creative writing and many more.

Plan a Trip – Take time to plan your next big trip. Research places to go and start creating an itinerary of exciting places to visit, things to eat and experiences to make.

Practice Self-Care

Pamper Yourself – Make self-care a priority. Light some candles beside the tub and enjoy an in-home spa experience to help destress.

Journal – Take time to journal. Journaling is a mindful practice that can help reduce stress and anxiety. Write down your thoughts and reflections. If you’re having trouble with pen and paper, start a blog and share your words with others.

Try Yoga – Roll out the mat and ease the mind and body with yoga exercises. Pick a few poses and move slowly through each while remembering to breathe. There are lots of great yoga exercises online.

Workout – Get your blood pumping and heart rate going with an at-home workout. There are several workout routines posted on Pinterest and YouTube. Several workout studios are hosting virtual classes and posting routines on social media so that everyone can stay in shape.

Meditate – Find a quiet space in the home and calm your mind. There are several meditation apps available to help ease into a mindful practice.

Create a Playlist – Nothing puts a person in a better mood than a fun, upbeat playlist. Use music streaming apps like Spotify or Apple Music to gather your favorite songs. Create playlists to listen to now and others to listen to later.

Stay Connected

Video Calls – Social distancing doesn’t have to stop you from seeing their friends and families faces. Video calls are a great way to see, speak and catch up with friends and family.

Reach out – Remember to reach out to the people within and outside of your social circle. Make sure they are doing okay and have everything they need.

Follow Positivity – Social media can be a hotbed for negativity and anxious feelings. During this time, be sure to unfollow those negative accounts and keep connected with those that promote positivity.

How are you spending time stuck at home? Let us know in the comments. To read up on COVID-19 on Atlanta Real Estate Forum, click here.

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