PANTONE Color of the Year Viva Magenta

While 2022 is still in full swing, renowned paint companies are revealing their 2023 selections for the color of the year. With a wide range of color choices from large paint producers, the 2023 color trends should satisfy every design aesthetic.

PANTONE Selects Viva Magenta

The most anticipated color of the year selection is finally here! PANTONE announces Viva Magenta as it’s 2023 color of the year. This pulsating red hue features a beautiful balance between cool and warm, reflecting a strong, joyous and optimistic tone.

Executive Director of PANTONE Color Institute Leatrice Eiseman says, “Rooted in the primordial, Viva Magenta reconnects us to original matter. Invoking the forces of nature, Viva Magenta galvanizes our spirit, helping us to build our inner strength.”

Selecting the color of the year is a tedious job for PANTONE. By researching and evaluating influences and color trends in the art, fashion, travel and entertainment industries, the PANTONE Color Institute makes the perfect selection to set the tone for the upcoming year. For 23 years, the PANTONE Color of the Year choice has influenced merchandise production and purchasing decisions throughout several industries, from product branding to industrial and fashion design.

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Benjamin Moore Names Raspberry Blush

For 2023, Benjamin Moore reveals Raspberry Blush as its color of the year. The company describes the selection as “a vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink, Raspberry Blush enlivens the senses with an electric optimism.” In contrast to several other selections, the Benjamin Moore choice adds a vibrant tone to the 2023 Color of the Year list.

The highly anticipated announcement also included trends and pairing palettes revealing 11 complimentary colors, including:

  1. Conch Shell – A dusty pink reminiscent of a gorgeous sunset captured on vintage, sepia-tone film.
  2. Cinnamon – A warm brown with orange hues, the perfect twist on a classical neutral.
  3. Wenge – Rich and warm, this chocolate brown features undertones of violet and black.
  4. Savannah Green – With balanced undertones of yellow and green, this golden hue adds richness to any space.
  5. New Age – Elegant and airy, this pastel purple showcases a hint of gray to add a sense of serenity.
  6. Starry Night Blue – A vibrant navy emulating a dark indigo sky, this gorgeous hue invites a romantic feel into the home.
  7. North Sea Green – Engaging yet soothing, this deep teal has a subtle gray undertone that adds a moodiness to the shade.
  8. Etiquette – A soft beige that allows other colors to take center stage.
  9. White Heron – A cool-yet-bright classic white.
  10. Gray Owl – Cool and crisp, this light gray can be used in any space.
  11. Onyx – This rich black is both grounded and luxurious.

Each color provides a beautiful pairing with the 2023 Color of the Year to point homeowners, designers and renovators in colorful and electrifying directions. Visit the Benjamin Moore website to explore ways to incorporate this year’s selection, complimentary color combinations and a curated Spotify playlist for each color.

Behr Selects Blank Canvas

Behr recently announced its official 2023 Color of the Year, Blank Canvas setting the stage for a year full of bright, welcoming tones for homeowners to build comforting spaces in a calming atmosphere.

Blank Canvas is a warm, inviting white that turns any space into a relaxing oasis. This year’s choice pairs perfectly with other Behr colors within the designer collection, such as Midnight Blue, Cracked Pepper and Vine Leaf. Behr stated, “You’re the artist with Blank Canvas—a hopeful and welcoming white with limitless possibilities to transform any vision into a reality.”

Dutch Boy Announces Rustic Greige as 2023 Color

The Dutch Boy choice, Rustic Greige, continues the theme of comforting and calming tones. The versatile neutral brings a sense of contentment and peace throughout the home. As the grounding aspect of all three Dutch Boy 2023 Color Trend palettes, Rustic Greige can coexist harmoniously with the muted, cool tones of the Plush palette, the retro-bright tones of the Wistful palette and the warm, natural tones of the Botanic palette.

Better Homes & Gardens Selects Canyon Ridge

Bringing a brighter shade to the 2023 Color of the Year lineup, Better Homes & Gardens reveals Canyon Ridge as its selection. Inspired by the golden hour glow of a gorgeous sunset, Canyon Ridge is terra-cotta with a twist and holds a blush coral hue. This clay-like color is versatile, perfect for painting an entire room or as a unique accent wall. Better Homes & Gardens Style and Design Director Jessica Thomas says, “Canyon Ridge would be serene in a bedroom when paired with wood tones and linen bedding.”

Sherwin-Williams Reveals Redend Point as 2023 Selection

Shortly after announcing the company’s 2023 color of the year choice under its HGTV Home brand, Sherwin-Williams finally unveiled its annual selection following much anticipation. This year, the leading paint producer introduced Redend Point, a stunning color swatch with blush and beige undertones. A perfect neutral background, this beautiful choice instantly incorporates warmth into any indoor or outdoor space. This recent color choice from Sherwin-Williams continues the trend of introducing earthy, even hues into a home to provide a flexible background for any design tastes.

PPG Names Vining Ivy

PPG selects Vining Ivy, a jewel-toned blue-green that is energizing, yet grounding. This dark, muted color is versatile, taking the guesswork out of designing for any residential or commercial space. As the leader, Vining Ivy compliments all the other colors provided in the PPG 2023 Color Trend Themes.

HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams Selects Darkroom

The Sherwin-Williams choice is described as an alluring and classic shade for a retro yet modern look. This cool-toned black swatch is sure to add charm to any room, regardless of your style. Darkroom is part of Sherwin Williams Vintage Homestead Color Collection composed of reviving, romantic tones to inspire comfort within your home. This collection includes 10 complimentary colors that complement this year’s color well. The palette is influenced by classic heritage interiors that provide a sense of nostalgia at home.

Valspar Names 12 Colors for 2023

Valspar reveals 12 shades for its 2023 Colors of the Year that embody comfort, happiness and beauty. This palette seeks to provide consumers with a sense of restoration and rejuvenation while continuing to evolve a new normal. Valspar curated 12 trend-worthy tones to include a range of shades that offer balance, warmth and relaxation that can be incorporated into existing design elements.

Check out the complete palette and descriptions below.

  1. Ivory Brown – Soft and light, this natural color is calming, upbeat and full of possibilities.
  2. Cozy White – A cozy, warm white that naturally elevates a room when paired with earthy wood tones and neutrals.
  3. Gentle Violet – Youthful and sophisticated, this softened violet embodies harmony and connectivity when accented with colorful naturals.
  4. Blue Arrow – A cooled-down blue with a yellow undertone that brings a modern charm to any space.
  5. Flora – Sophisticated and charming, this shade helps us appreciate what we have in life.
  6. Desert Carnation – Naturally warm, this color promotes comfort and self-expression with an elevated touch.
  7. Green Trellis – Inspired by nature when paired with modern elements, this color creates a look that has a contemporary charm.
  8. Rising Tide – An uplifting backdrop, tying a colorful eclectic aesthetic together in a room for a personalized look.
  9. Holmes Cream – A classic, dependable tan that embraces sunlight, creating a welcoming environment.
  10. Southern Road – Grounded and natural, this muted clay embraces a life of simplicity and contentment.
  11. Villa Grey – Natural and refined, this balanced neutral creates a clean interior for a stress-free aesthetic.
  12. Everglade Deck – A midnight blue that balances elegance and calm, creating a restorative space.

The 2023 color season is sure to be an exciting one with classic, beautiful color choices perfect for individuality and personalization. Sign up for the Atlanta Real Estate Forum daily newsletter to stay on top of the latest home design trends!

Please note that this is an incomplete list of the 2023 color selections. This blog will reflect updates as they become available.

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