Keystone Homes DIY projectsDecorating a new home can be fun for a new Keystone homeowner, but it may seem a little intimidating if you’re trying to sell your current home. New homes naturally seem full of life with their modern, energy efficient features. However, it may take a little more work to give your old home a similar feeling to potential buyers.

Check out these do-it-yourself weekend projects perfect for brightening up your older home for buyers or adding glamour to your new Keystone home!

Weekend DIY Projects:

  • Stencils & Decals: An easy way to add visual interest in a room is to provide a subtle focal point with a stencil or decal. For stencils, use paint colors that contrast with your current wall color by purchasing one a few shades lighter. Decals are even more affordable, easier option, and can give powder rooms and children’s rooms some style.
  • Enchanting Tile: Regrouting the tile in your old home is not a terribly fun DIY project; however, it can really brighten up the space and help sell your old place!
  • Architectural Details that Pop: Adding contrasting shades of paint as narrow, vertical stripes can really make your walls appear nicer and enhance the current architectural details your home already has to offer.
  • Fireplace Update: Updating your old fireplace is another great way to help an older home sell. Add a bold color to the fireplace wall, making it your focal point in the room. Then add a contrasting color to the surrounding walls. Enhance the mantel by adding colorful accessories…just not too many!
  • Let some light in: New Keystone homes often provide plenty of light, but sometimes older homes seem dimmer. Fix this by adding patterned window film to glass-front doors or windows; then leave those shades open! This allows light to easily flow in, while still providing your family with plenty of privacy.

After you have finished your weekend do-it-yourself projects, take some time for a weekend house hunting trip at Keystone communities. Keystone offers a variety of fabulous floor plans and homes in Augusta. Visit the Keystone Homes website today to learn more about these wonderful communities.

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