homes in a community managed by an HOA

Overseeing a Homeowners Association is often taxing and full of responsibilities – creating budgets, facilitating legal documents, reviewing insurance for suitable coverage, assessing dues and maintaining the property. With a highly trained staff and leading technology, Beacon Management Services offers incredible value and fully provides the services necessary to successfully operate an Atlanta HOA.

Focused on delivering results, Beacon offers an array of resources to builders and developers to promote cost savings, including financial management and maintenance assistance. Builders can combat pesky fees and additional costs by utilizing Beacon’s services for big picture planning, from financial and accounting services and administrative support staff communications to maintenance programs and more.

Builders and developers planning a new community can benefit from having Beacon on-call from day one. Beacon’s team is adept at developing bylaws and governing documents, creating budgets, and managing day-to-day questions about a new HOA from potential homeowners. Onsite sales teams have a Beacon representative at their disposal to answer questions or solve common issues that arise when selling new homes in a community with an HOA.

Companies can also save time and money by partnering with Beacon to manage financial documents and receive accounting services. Beacon’s clients are offered strategic financial management services devoted to cutting unnecessary costs and discovering beneficial fiscal opportunities.

Beacon performs comprehensive spending analyses for its clients to evaluate rate consumption and assess opportunities to preserve community funds. This process has led to incredible cost savings for several clients in areas such as utility costs and insurance rates!

The property management company also offers annual budget planning for its clients to ensure it distributes community funds properly. This strategic planning also allows builders to reserve funding in case of future potential repairs and improvements.

One of the most common ways for builders or HOA boards to lose money is when faced with large repairs that entail high fees. To ensure maintenance issues are resolved quickly, Beacon offers convenient mobile maintenance services that are available to clients 24/7. Well-trained maintenance professionals and mobile maintenance vans are always on standby to provide maintenance and repair solutions that are timely and affordable.

The Beacon maintenance team is dedicated to providing well-maintained communities and amenities and is prepared to address a wide variety of circumstances from lighting repair to paint jobs and pressure washing. By proactively managing repairs and performing routine upkeep for communities, Beacon allows builders to prevent long-term maintenance or repair issues down the road that may require high spending.

Maintenance and repair services offered by Beacon to ensure exceptional community preservation include:

  • Drywall repair, painting and waterproofing, monument sign painting/restoration
  • Fence repairs
  • Drainage solutions and gutter downspout repairs
  • Lighting repairs and installation
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Pressure washing
  • Locks, hinges, door repair and replacement, window repairs
  • Sign installations

Beacon Management Services is one of Atlanta’s leading property management companies specializing in community associations, builder and developer services, condominiums, mixed-use developments, and other properties of distinction. After years of providing consultation services in every area of property management, Beacon Management Services is fully equipped to support the unique needs of every HOA.

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