chart showing upward trajectory of Trilogy Investment Co. 2023 Success.

BTR platform developer preps for strong 2024, anticipating economic rebound

Trilogy Investment Co., a national leader in Build-To-Rent (BTR), proudly announces a year of significant growth and strategic expansion in 2023, overcoming industry headwinds and laying a solid foundation for continued success in 2024. With a forward-looking approach and robust development strategy, Trilogy Investment Co. is poised for yet another unprecedented year of growth.

In 2023, Trilogy Investment Co. successfully navigated the challenging economic landscape, finishing strong in the fourth quarter. The company’s proactive strategies and defensive positioning led to remarkable growth and stability, preparing it for the economic rebound anticipated in 2024.

“Defense wins championships and the ball is going to be handed off to us in 2024 for a little offense. We are going to score and win championships,” states Jason Joseph, CEO and Partner of Trilogy Investment Co.

Trilogy expanded in existing or entered new markets in 2023, including Athens, Ga., Myrtle Beach, S.C., Huntsville, Ala., Charlotte, N.C. and Denver, Colo. The developer furthered its presence in Austin, Texas, by closing a second BTR deal.

Notably, the company closed on its 32nd property in December 2023, marking a significant milestone. This growth is underscored by the company’s strategic pivot to address the increasing demand for BTR communities and for-sale properties, including internal capabilities of finished lot sales to maintain a fluid supply chain for home builders.

As an emerging high-growth BTR platform developer, Trilogy Investment Co. has begun to reap the rewards of its comprehensive approach to the real estate development cycle, from land acquisition to site development and vertical construction. “Starting in early 2024, we will deliver 300 homes across four communities in three states, a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication over the last two years,” Joseph remarks.

Looking ahead, Trilogy Investment Co. is under contract for additional sites in strategic locations across the United States, including Charlotte, Raleigh, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Dallas, and Garland/Arlington, with expansions in Austin, Colorado Springs, and Northern California. This expansion and growth reflect the company’s commitment to building relationships, gaining momentum and providing high-quality BTR communities to meet the demand for homes.

About Trilogy Investment Company

Led by a team of investment, development, and construction professionals, Trilogy Investment Company provides Build-To-Rent communities for residents seeking the stability and social benefits of home ownership but rent by choice or have been priced out of the competitive housing market. Located in desirable neighborhoods near good schools and major economic drivers, these communities offer luxurious finishes and coveted amenities for like-minded families and young professionals desiring rental opportunities beyond traditional apartments. Created with targeted demographics in mind, these communities provide the flexibility of rentals with the stability, privacy, and social benefits of homeownership. To learn more about Trilogy Investment Company, visit and follow the company on LinkedIn.


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