Mike Rose with TowneBank Mortgage joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast

Mike Rose, a senior loan officer with TowneBank Mortgage, joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast for its 12th-anniversary episode to share an overview of the mortgage company. On the All About Real Estate segment, Rose sits down with host Carol Morgan to discuss special promotional programs offered by TowneBank Mortgage and how to use the company’s mobile app.

Rose is a rare Atlanta native born and raised in the area, and he currently resides with his family in Dunwoody. Before transitioning into the mortgage industry, Rose had a long-time career in radio broadcasting – starting at the Georgia State University radio station and making his way up to WGST, working with well-known radio and TV personalities such as Clark Howard, Neal Boortz and Sean Hannity. In October 2003, Rose began his journey in the mortgage business and has never looked back!

Rose said, “I have seen lots of ups and downs in the mortgage business over the last 20 years.”

TowneBank is a regional bank with branches in Virginia and North Carolina. Founded in 1999, TowneBank began in a garage when a few bankers came together to start a community-based banking institution that focused heavily on customer service. TowneBank is now one of the largest banks in Virginia, expanding into North Carolina.

Rose said, “TowneBank is an amazing institution!”

Named the 16th overall mortgage lender in the United States, TowneBank Mortgage is the mortgage lending division of TowneBank. While TowneBank is only located in Virginia and North Carolina, TowneBank Mortgage expands throughout the Southeast with loan officers in Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi. Rose explains that everyone at TowneBank Mortgage, from the loan officers to the underwriters, works together as a team to provide the best experience for their clients.

Rose said, “What attracted me to TowneBank Mortgage was the passion every single employee had towards their job.”

Prioritizing benefiting the consumer, TowneBank Mortgage offers multiple incentives for working with the lending company, including special promotional programs. Currently, the company offers a buy now, refinance later program that allows clients to buy a property and refinance the home when rates decrease with a 1% credit towards closing costs or $3,000 – whichever is higher. TowneBank Mortgage also has an HFA 100% financing program and low-down payment opportunities.

Making communication between consumers and loan officers a breeze, TowneBank Mortgage has a mobile app that provides easy access to loan applications, document uploading and mortgage updates. The TowneBank Mortgage mobile app can also be downloaded and used by real estate agents involved in the home buying process to help continue clear and smooth communication.

Tune into the full interview above to learn more about TowneBank Mortgage, or visit www.TowneBankMortgage.com.

A special thank you to TowneBank Mortgage for sponsoring Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. TowneBank Mortgage provides personal experiences that you expect from a hometown lender with the most advanced technology offering valuable solutions to the current high mortgage rate environment, including a buy now, refinance later program. Partner with TowneBank Mortgage today by visiting www.TowneBankMortgage.com.

The views and opinions expressed in this program are those of Mike Rose, NMLS# 448377, and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of TowneBank Mortgage. The content of this interview is for educational and informational purposes only. 

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