new augusta homesMoving into a new Augusta home is an exciting time for adults and children alike. For children getting their own room for the first time, it can be an exciting opportunity for them to express some of their own style. If they’re old enough to contribute to your design ideas, ask them what colors or styles of furnishings they would like to have. Although you will have the final say, your children will still appreciate having some input in the design process. Here are a few creative kid décor suggestions that will please both children and adults:

  • Classic Color – To ensure your child’s room will transition though the years, and prevent you from having to paint as often, paint the walls a more muted, classic color. You can liven up the room easily, and often less expensively, by adding colorful accessories that can be changed more frequently.
  • Wall Patterns – Add interest to your kid’s bedroom walls by hanging inexpensive furring strips around the room. Make sure you paint first, so that you get a clean edge. This would also be a great way to give your budding artist a place to hang their handiwork by mixing in some cork stripes along one wall. Another way to add visual interest is to add painter’s tape to create a pattern on the wall. Just make sure to wait for each paint color to dry before adding the next.
  • Creative Spaces – Encourage your child’s creativity by making a designated area for art projects. If the floor is carpeted, consider covering the area with a throw rug or another protective surface. You can also cover the wall or a tabletop with chalkboard paint to give them an instant canvas.
  • Fanciful Finds – One way to make your child’s bedroom unique is to add accents like a ribbon chandelier or whimsical canopy. You can also add in vintage furniture with a twist – paint beds, chairs or desks a kid-friendly cover to give them a touch of whimsy.
  • Night Sky – Kids will enjoy having the lights out in their room when you give them something fun to look at. Paint a moon and stars on the ceiling or a cityscape around the room’s edge. Make the design visible at night by adding glow-in-the-dark paint.

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