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It’s almost everyone’s favorite time of year! Don’t let planning and preparing for the holidays overwhelm you and your family. Trying to tackle cooking, hosting, cleaning and having fun can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take these tips from the Traton Homes team and host an easy, enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner!

Don’t take on more than you can handle.

Always remember that less is more when it comes to planning! Take this time to savor the heartwarming memories made with family and friends during the holiday season. They won’t notice if that extra pie isn’t served or if the table isn’t decorated just right. Spending time with family and being grateful for your loved ones is what truly matters on Thanksgiving!

Make a list. And check it twice.

Before making a list, go through the pantry and see what is left over from the year prior. Check expiration dates and take an inventory of what can be used for this year’s meal. After that, start creating a list of everything necessary for Thanksgiving day. Start with each recipe planned for the meal and then make a list of all ingredients that need to be purchased. This makes grocery shopping a much easier and smoother process. Another aspect to consider is the possibility of shortages for some products. Always have a backup store to check in case an item isn’t available to make sure you check off everything on your list!

Prepare in advance.

To make the day go smoother, plan dishes that can be easily prepared in advance. Planning and preparing ahead saves you more time on Thanksgiving day and gives you more time to spend quality time with loved ones. Traton’s homes offer kitchens with oversized islands that make prep days a breeze! Utilizing all this open space makes for an easy Thanksgiving.

Clean as you go.

It’s important to think ahead about how to handle the most dreaded part of this busy holiday – the clean-up process. Depending on how many guests there are or how many dishes are prepared, cleaning up can seem like a hassle. Cleaning as you go makes the process much easier and convenient. Why deal with one large mess at the end of the day when you can clean small areas throughout the day? This ensures that you can avoid a lengthy clean-up and spend more time enjoying the holiday!

Take a breath of fresh air.

After a busy day of cooking and entertaining, you deserve time to relax and unwind! Luckily, Traton’s homes include private courtyards to find all the space you need! Enjoy privacy to unwind or transform your outdoor living space into an entertaining oasis so everyone can enjoy this outdoor haven. Make it comfy with added blankets and pillows and enjoy spending time with family soaking up the last days of fall.

Enjoy the day.

The most important tip from Traton Homes is to simply enjoy the holiday and the time spent with family. Traton homes are built as the ideal place to entertain loved ones and make cherished memories. Traton Homes takes pride in offering open-concept floorplans, oversized kitchens and private courtyards that make it easy for families to enjoy the holiday season together!

With a lovely Thanksgiving dinner in the spacious, luxurious homes at Courtyards at Hickory Flat and Tapp Farm, your family will enjoy the perfect holiday! The active adult community, Courtyards at Hickory Flat, showcases fantastic open-concept ranch homes with impressive features including expansive family rooms, gourmet kitchens and private courtyards. The new Traton Homes master-planned community, Tapp Farm, showcases beautiful single-family detached homes with spacious living areas and stunning oversized kitchens.

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