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With new home sales at an all-time high, employees are working especially hard. To avoid burnout from an overworked staff, it might be time to consider additional employees. When it comes down to it, the overall morale and happiness of a company’s staff are essential to success, and an overworked team can impact the quality of service provided.

When can you be sure it’s time to hire and bring in a few extra hands? Read on to determine whether it is time to hire additional employees to keep up with housing demand.

Customer Service is Lagging

In a world of technology and autoresponders, how long does it take the sales team to respond to inquiries? It is no secret customers, in particular homebuyers, expect a quick response from a real person. That’s not to say autoresponders don’t work, they do, but eventually, a customer expects to speak to a real-life person. Fast response times and higher revenue go hand in hand.

To that end, hard as a company tries, it’s nearly impossible to keep all customers happy all the time. There will always be disgruntled buyers and responding appropriately is essential. Beyond simply listening to the complaint, provide or offer solutions before the problem escalates to a negative public review. At any given time, negative reviews should never outnumber positive reviews.

Employees Are Regularly Working Overtime

Even a strong group of employees can become overwhelmed once the demand reaches a certain point. A committed team might even start staying later than normal to make sure tasks are completed and things do not fall through the cracks. Of course, there are exceptions to working an extra hour or two here or there, but if overtime is a regular occurrence, the staff needs more support. Excessive overtime could even result in unnecessary expenses, excessive use of sick days or PTO and employees jumping ship for a smaller workload.

Staff is Putting Quantity Above Quality

Another possibility of overwhelmed employees is putting quantity above quality. Cutting corners might be the only way certain tasks can get done, but that ultimately affects the overall quality of work. With home sales at an all-time high, a team working to full capacity is not a sustainable, long-term solution for a company looking to expand and grow. Be sure to have a quality control procedure in place to ensure the best quality service is provided.

Overlap in Tasks Between Senior and Junior Employees

If there is a lot of fluidity in tasks completed by senior and junior employees, there is an issue in dynamic. Responsibilities differ between employees, and senior personnel should not be stepping in to complete tasks reserved for junior employees and vice versa.

Turning Down Opportunities (Sales)

If staff cannot take on anymore and a company is turning down projects or sales as a result, that’s a telltale sign to hire additional employees! In most cases, it takes eight to 10 weeks to hire someone. Look ahead to fit a new employee into the mix at the optimal time to generate revenue.

Ready to hire?

If any of the above scenarios sound familiar, it’s time to hire new employees and expand your staff to then expand your business! You can’t have one without the other and you ultimately have to spend more to make more. The TempSmart Staffing Solutions team understands how time-consuming the hiring process can be, and we specialize in finding the right fit for homebuilding clients throughout the Carolinas and Georgia.

TempSmart prides itself on hiring teammates for its clients instead of merely temps. When it is time to explore the full catalog of services available from TempSmart and determine your company’s needs, Place an Order or visit www.TempSmart.biz.

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