Recently representatives from the EPA, HUD, FTA and the City of Atlanta celebrated the third anniversary of an innovative project called the Partnership for Sustainable Communities. This Partnership has made efforts to help communities across the United States improve access to affordable housing and increase options and lower costs of transportation as well as protect the environment and people’s health.

Among the celebrations was a workshop held in Atlanta to share with stakeholders and community representatives the successes the Partnership project has had thus far and its future plans. EPA Regional Administrator Gwen Keyes Fleming stated that the three year partnership across Atlanta has made a tremendous impact, and it shows how the citizens, states, cities and federal agencies can really work together.

Mayor Kasim Reed expressed his delight with the partnered agencies’ team work that has been directly invested into the communities of Atlanta. He also mentioned that the Partnership team would continue to promote economic development, to support future initiatives and to receive technical assistance on vital projects.

Since its inception in 2009, the Partnership for Sustainable Communities has devoted over $2.5 billion in national assistance. These communities had help meeting their housing and transportation goals, while at the same time were provided with equitable development, protected the environment and focused on the trials of climate change.

The Partnership aids more than 200 communities in 48 states by proving faster access to federal programs and resources through working closely with local, state and federal agencies. To find out what the Partnership for Sustainable Communities has done in your community or for more information, visit

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