ppg color of the yearThe Voice of Color, a program designed by PPG Pittsburgh Paints, recently announced their pick for 2014’s Color of the Year. Beating out the thousands of other paint colors offered by PPG, the simple Turning Oakleaf won for providing a livelier, cheerful color that allows you to pause and refresh after a long day.

Turning Oakleaf is a soft but energetic buttercream yellow, and experts from PPG Industries, who makes PPG Pittsburgh Paints products, says they expect the color to have a prominent role in home décor during 2014 as part of their prediction that many homeowners will use brighter, more optimistic colors.

According to the brand’s color forecast for 2014, a change in thinking is causing homeowners to seek colors that will allow them to unwind from their stressful lives and that emphasize enlightenment. By incorporating colors into your home that illustrate hopefulness, such as Turning Oakleaf, you can transfuse a room with brilliant energy. This color is also one of 25 colors that are featured in the Pause and Refresh color collection, which showcases the 2014 color trends for The Voice of Color program.

“Homeowners have moved away from the muted hues influenced by economic factors in recent years. Turning Oakleaf, which is soft enough to be a neutral but bright enough to generate a sunshine-like energy, represents a trend toward warmth in harmonious living, deep appreciation for the surrounding natural elements and a thorough understanding of enlightened philosophies,” said Dee Schlotter, brand manager for The Voice of Color program. “We are experiencing the popularity of the soft yellow shade across all markets, such as home décor, automotive and electronics, making it a clear Color of the Year selection.”

Today’s consumers are searching for color combinations that will create a customized palette in their home, giving them a space to take a calm hiatus from the hectic nature of everyday life. Whether it’s choosing a bold, rich red like Red Gumball, a refined and elegant blue like Stained Glass or a soft, pale pink, such as Ballet Slipper, people are using color to capture their definition of peaceful living.

“With today’s 24-hour connectivity and on-the-go lifestyle becoming more and more common, homeowners are transforming their living spaces into comfortable retreats with colors that represent how individuals perceive their ideal form of relaxation,” Schlotter said. “For some, the back-to-basics feel that captures an earthy, primitive and organic reference is the natural influence needed to pause from today’s technologically-driven lifestyle. For others, bold, dynamic colors mixed with artisan patterns, shapes and prints generate an atmosphere that is lively, vibrant and creatively energizing.”

To see more examples of how the 2014 Color of the Year can be used in your new Atlanta home or to find out more information about PPG Pittsburgh Paint products and The Voice of Color program, visit www.voiceofcolor.com.

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