On this week’s All About Real Estate segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick are joined by Cindi MacPherson, partner with The Interior Partners, to discuss upcoming trends in the interior design industry.

The Interior Partners specializes in model home merchandising, residential design, commercial and professional interiors and sales centers and clubhouses throughout the Southeast, with a variety of builders.

The interior design of a model home includes a variety of factors including demographic, target market, price point and more. According to MacPherson, merchandising for a move-up buyer is going to differ drastically from a first-time buyer, or even a move-down active-adult buyer. The Interior Partners addresses each project as unique within itself with distinctive color palettes, design choices and more.

MacPherson explains that the Millennial generation responds well to the color blue and clean-cut, mid-century modern designs. Baby Boomers however, do not because they were around during mid-century modern’s first rise in popularity. Millennials are also embracing the new brass and gold fixtures because they are considered “new” to them versus chrome or brushed nickel.

Contrasting neutrals remain popular, but pops of color and more jewel tones mixed in with those neutrals are on the rise. Staging homes in 2017 is evolving to feature the lifestyle in a different way. Designs that are more clean-cut help buyers imagine themselves making the house their own without the clutter of fake fruit and framed photographs throughout.

To learn more about today’s trends in interior home design and The Interior Partners’ 2016 OBIE wins, listen to the above interview. To contact Cindi MacPherson, email Cindi@TheInteriorPartners.com or visit TheInteriorPartners.com.


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