Edie Weintraub with terra alma

Founder and Chief Community Builder Edie Weintraub with terra alma joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to discuss the process behind creating energized spaces, improving office environments and the company’s exciting South End Norcross project. Weintraub chats with host Carol Morgan on the All About Real Estate segment.

With 20 years of experience, Weintraub specializes in the commercial real estate industry, working with restaurants, boutiques and entertainment spaces where people enjoy gathering and having a good time. Previously working for local and big commercial real estate firms, Weintraub decided to start her firm, terra alma a year and a half ago.

Inspired by multiple countries, terra alma means bringing together the best of land and experience. As a woman-owned boutique real estate advisory firm, terra alma delivers intentionality, engaging with local communities to ensure the fulfillment of what consumers and neighborhoods want to see.

Weintraub said, “We make sure to offer a holistic picture of what we provide.”

The all-female terra alma team loves working on adaptive reuse projects by taking something already established and converting it into something new, like Ponce City Market. With several metro Atlanta communities hitting a growth spurt because of the rail lines throughout the state, terra alma also enjoys working on the downtown resurgence of restaurants and shops.

Weintraub said, “We love working in urban environments where people are walking and congregating.”

A consultant on multiple single-use projects, terra alma knows how to position these properties to become multi-use projects. This creates assets that help the local community and serves to attract the next wave of tenants and employers moving into the building. The goal for terra alma is to create an office environment where workers can run all of their errands during the week. Offering services used during the ordinary course of life on the property, including doggy/kid daycare, on-site restaurants and drycleaning, allows people to regain their leisure time on the weekends.

Weintraub said, “I find more and more, we are going to start transitioning into a 15-minute city where all of your needs can be taken care of within a 15-minute transportation time.”

On the South End Norcross project, terra alma is partnering with three local owners who collectively have 80 years of experience within the real estate industry. The project is an opportunity to supply the community with essential missing elements. Regarding the marketing and leasing strategy, terra alma is finding and supporting the right partners that speak to the community.

The South End Norcross project and terra alma have partnered with Rose and Hemp, a boutique-style shop started by a husband-and-wife duo in Stone Mountain. Terra alma has also partnered with two women-owned businesses opening soon – Butter & Cream from Decatur and Refuge Coffee Co. from Clarkston. Norcross residents can also look forward to an entertainment stage and a brewery/distillery, micro food hall announcement coming soon.

Tune in to the full interview above to learn more about terra alma or visit www.terraalma.com.

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