Plenty of Atlanta residents take advantage of the assortment of running, walking and cycling trails that snake through the city. Few of us have considered how they got there or why they’re made the way they are. On today’s segment of All About Real Estate of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, Aaron Steele of Tailored Trails explains to co-hosts Courtney Rogers and Todd Schick the ins-and-outs of trails.

Steele has specifically focused on trails since 2001, when he decided to enter what was then a small, niche market. His family had been in the construction business for over 50 years. Steele realized he could fill a need with tools and equipment he already owned. His company works with counties, state governments and homeowners associations to design and build a variety of trails.

Tailored Trails began by building mountain bike and equestrian trails, with a focus on natural and concrete surfaces. They do a fair amount of consulting, working with clients to provide an appropriate, sustainable trail to fit a budget, type of surface or trail width. Sustainable, in this business, means that it will last for years to come. Steele said it’s important for his company to design and build trails that will serve their purpose beautifully and well for a long time.

Steele and his company build dirt, aggregate, asphalt and concrete trails. Dirt is “the cheapest and easiest to build,” and concrete lasts by far the longest. He says they’re building a 5k cross country trail now that is an aggregate of sand with a polymer glue that runners tend to prefer.

Listen to today’s segment to learn more or find Tailored Trails online and on Facebook.


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