Why You Probably Need a Bigger Down Payment for Your Atlanta New Home

Many homeowners who sell in the current market are making less on their home than they anticipated. When it’s time to buy the next home, they don’t have as much for a down payment as they would have liked – or maybe even as much as they need. While it seems unfair that lenders would start requiring larger down payments when[...]

Are Lower Home Prices in Sight?

Building permits are falling, housing starts have increased, sales of existing homes are increasing and the pending homes sales index is up. Are lower home prices on the way? Is now the right time for you to purchase a home? What do all these numbers and statistics tell us anyway? Ilyce Glink, a nationally-syndicated award-winning columnist and author of numerous books[...]

The Role of Rental Homes in Solving the Housing Crisis

Could renting foreclosed homes be the solution to the housing crisis and credit crisis? There is a great supply of foreclosed homes in neighborhoods across the nation, and just one has the potential to substantially bring down neighboring home values. And several vacant foreclosed properties in a neighborhood can be serious trouble – not just by decreased home values but also[...]