Building permits are falling, housing starts have increased, sales of existing homes are increasing and the pending homes sales index is up. Are lower home prices on the way? Is now the right time for you to purchase a home? What do all these numbers and statistics tell us anyway?

Ilyce Glink, a nationally-syndicated award-winning columnist and author of numerous books related to the real estate industry tackles these questions and more in an article she wrote recently for the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog. In “Will the Real Estate Summer Slowdown Mean Lower Prices?” Glink not only shares her views about the future of the real estate market this summer, but also discusses her expectations over the next few months, now that the ever so popular tax credit has come and gone.

With 1 in every 387 homes facing foreclosure will demand finally catch up with supply or are we facing more difficult times? Glink, the respected host of The Ilyce Glink Show on Sunday mornings on Newstalk 750 WSB, also waxes ever so poetically on issues that have kept so many from venturing out to purchase and discusses as to whether now is the right time or not to purchase due to mortgage rates being as low as they have been in a very long time.


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