New vs Used Homes

[youtube] Decisions. Decisions. There are a lot of choices in the home market today. It may be difficult to make a decision between purchasing a new or existing home. However, David Tufts, president of the Marketing Directors, says that there are many reasons why someone should buy a new home: Top Four Reasons to Buy a New Atlanta Home 1. Many of[...]

Buyers Advantage – David Tufts Says Sales are Sizzling for Atlanta Condos

Atlanta Condominium sales have been very strong during this Atlanta buyers market. David Tufts, President of Marketing Director says, "Summer's here, temperatures are up and sales are sizzling for condominiums." This is for many reasons, developers are offering many incentives from home owner's association (HOA) fees to paying closing costs. There are low interest rates, and prices are low. It[...]