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Decisions. Decisions. There are a lot of choices in the home market today. It may be difficult to make a decision between purchasing a new or existing home. However, David Tufts, president of the Marketing Directors, says that there are many reasons why someone should buy a new home:

Top Four Reasons to Buy a New Atlanta Home

1. Many of the new homes on the market are below replacement cost. That means that the price of the brand-new, never lived in home is less than what it would cost to rebuilt it in today’s market.

2. New homes come with a warranty. This protection provides peace-of-mind; if something does go wrong, you know you’re covered.

3. New homes contain up-to-date features that are state of the art and ready to go.

4. In today’s market, new homes are move-in ready. In the past, new home buyers would wait to get a new home. Now, new homes are ready to move in immediately.

Take advantage of this strong buyer’s market by purchasing a brand new Atlanta home.

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