Brick homes have always been popular among homeowners. The appeal may have something to do with the third little pig who smartly built his home from brick instead of straw or sticks, preventing the big bad wolf from blowing it down. Maybe that fairy tale was so ingrained in the subconsciousness of America’s youth that they forever associated brick with strength. Whatever the reason, it seems that brick is still one of the most popular choices for home construction.

A recent Harris Interactive poll on behalf of Boral Bricks surveyed approximately 1,683 homeowners to find out which aspects of brick homes are so appealing. The results show that nine out of 10 homeowners like the aesthetics of brick. Also, 72 percent of homeowners ages 55 and up enjoy the low maintenance aspect of brick.

Of course, Boral Bricks knows all about the benefits of this surface. The company offers builders siding solutions for creating Atlanta real estate that is beautiful, durable and sustainable. Brick is also low maintenance – it doesn’t rot, peel, dent, fade or become brittle.

In fact, Boral is so confident in its products that it offers the Boral® Transferable Residential Warranty, which protects homeowners as long as they own their Boral brick home. The warranty even transfers to the second owner if the house is sold.

With five locations across Metro Atlanta, Boral continues to provide quality surfaces to the Atlanta real estate market. For more information call 678-625-4051 or visit the Boral Bricks website.


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