St. Bourke 2022 year in the rearview

As we say so long to last year, St. Bourke reflects on a successful year with 2022 in the rearview. Year-end reviews are the perfect time to reflect on the year’s achievements and look toward opportunities for the upcoming year.

“St. Bourke has made great strides in 2022. One of our biggest highlights is 3,167 lots in our development pipeline with a combined project value in excess of $500 million,” St. Bourke President Ben Simpson said. “I’m incredibly proud of the St. Bourke team who worked to make this happen. We grew our team by five individuals in 2022, and together we moved 175,000 cubic yards of dirt and blasted 21,675 cubic yards of rock!”

“We also facilitated the sales of $58.71 million of assets on behalf of our clients and partners,” said Simpson. “I’d like to thank our clients for trusting us to deliver; we look forward to many new endeavors in 2023 and beyond.”

St. Bourke’s clients include Drapac Capital Partners, Kerley Family Homes, Pulte Group, Milenio, Cymbel, Quinn Residences and Onx Homes, amongst others.

Here are St. Bourke’s 2022 highlights:

  • Master Plans Rendered: 21
  • Lots in Development: 3,167 lots at a project value of $500 million
  • Asset Sales Facilitated: $58.71 million
  • Lots Under Management: 23,657
  • Market Reports Produced: 23
  • Assets Managed: 66
  • Clients Served: 7
  • Projects Rezoned: 4
  • Team Members Added: 5
  • New Markets Entered: 7
  • Dirt Moved: 175,000 cubic yards
  • Rock Blasted: 21,675 cubic yards

With 2022 in the rearview, St. Bourke looks forward to a successful 2023.


St. Bourke develops lots for single-family home builders, building for sale and rent communities.

St. Bourke is an asset management and property development company primarily focused on residential communities and commercial assets. Offering a full suite of placemaking services ranging from acquisition through detailed design and development to ongoing management, St. Bourke has helped a variety of both private and institutional clients achieve their project goals. Founded in 2015, St. Bourke creates thriving communities and drives significant value for its clients, partners and community stakeholders. Active in 20 U.S. markets with 90 active residential projects, St. Bourke manages more than 12,000 acres and 25,000 lots. As Placemakers, St. Bourke makes places from the ground up. For more information, call 678-853-2530 or visit


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