Springtime is one of the busiest home selling seasons of the year. For those preparing to sell their homes, About Sales, Inc. suggests a good spring cleaning. Why? Well, the Atlanta based real estate sales and marketing company knows that clean homes are more desirable to potential buyers.

“Think about it. Going into a dirty home makes you want to leave,” explained Jamie Mock, vice president of sales for About Sales, Inc. “It’s hard to tour a home when there is a lot of junk lying around, or the closets are hard to open. On the other hand, a clean home welcomes you and feels more open and spacious.”

Before listing, Mock advises to use these cleaning tips:

•    Declutter by donating items no longer needed or wanted. This will make it easier to organize items that are wanted.
•    Clean floors and wash walls. Getting rid of carpet stains and dirt on the walls dramatically changes any room.
•    Accesorize with color. Switch dark pillows or artwork with bright colors. This makes homes look fresh.
•    Vacuum dusty curtains or drapes. Buyers will notice dust collected curtains. Be sure to vacuum them. Then, leave them open to let the sunshine in.
•    Clear off the counters. Having toasters, mixers, coffeemakers and cooking utensils out is usually convenient. To buyers, these pieces make a kitchen look cluttered. During tours, put these items up and accessorize with fresh produce or flowers instead.
•    Spruce up the entryway. Sweep up dirt, and set out pots of flowers. If the welcome mat is dated, purchase a new one. The entryway is the first part of the home that buyers will see. Their impressions of the home start here.

“After following these tips, your home will be listing ready,” said Mock. “They’re simple, yet have a huge impact on the sale of your home.”


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