The Jasper Model Home at Soleil
The Jasper Model Home at Soleil

Spending time tending to your home this fall can save you big bucks down the road once the harsh winter weather rolls in. The staff at Soleil Laurel Canyon reiterates these easy, affordable tips from AARP to “winterize” your home:

  1. Surface cracks: Cracks in concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios can rapidly grow into large cracks during the winter, so use a concrete-sealant to quickly solve surface problems.
  2. Gas grilling: Disconnect and store your propane tank as winter chill can cause cracking. Also, be sure to clean out grates and the rest of the grill before storing in a dry location.
  3. Gardening equipment: Lawnmowers and other garden equipment should be cleaned to remove all grass, dirt and rust build-up. Use a simple scrub pad made from aluminum foil.
  4. Vehicles: Your car will require some “TLC” to make them run efficiently in the winter months. Oil thickens in cold temperatures, so check out your owner’s manual to ensure you’re using the proper oil. Also, frequently check your tires to make sure the air pressure is good.
  5. Furnaces: Change or inspect your filters at least once a month while your heat is running.
  6. Fireplaces: Take time to cater to your chimney before you light your first winter fire. To prevent damage, having your chimney professionally cleaned every couple years is advisable.
  7. Weatherproofing: Buy a 10-ounce tube of window caulking and seal cracks around your home can lower your heating bill.
  8. Outdoor supplies: Shut off outdoor water faucets unless they are specially designed for year-round use.

At Soleil, all routine landscaping is included in your HOA fees, so you’ll have plenty of time to cater to your precious home, while preparing for the harsh winter weather. Call our sales office at 678-880-3071 to learn more about our award-winning community or visit our website at

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