It’s amazing how many great stories have come out of Soleil Laurel Canyon this year. From raising thousands of dollars for local charities to amazing personal accomplishments, the resort-inspired active adult community in Canton, Ga. is full of individuals who continue to inspire and resident Rich Elwell is no exception.

Elwell is the co-author of “Crossroads of Conflict” A Guide to Civil War sites in Georgia. The book details the impact of the Civil War in Georgia and its influence in our country’s most tragic conflict.

Elwell, a former program coordinator and administrator for the Georgia Civil War Commission, retired command historian for the Georgia Army National Guard, and current historian for the Georgia State Defense Force, penned the book with Barry Brown, a heritage tourism specialist for the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

The two will be signing copies of their book at Yawns Book Store in historic downtown Canton on Dec. 16 from 5-7 p.m.

Based on a comprehensive survey of sites identified by the Georgia Civil War Commission in 2000, Crossroads of Conflict covers 350 historic sites in detail, bringing the experience of the Civil War to life. The full-color edition is updated and significantly expanded version of the guide originally released by the state in1994.

The book is arranged geographically, separating the state into nine distinct regions. Beginning in northeast Georgia, sites are followed west to east, north to south. Detailed maps of each region are supplemented by inset maps of urban areas. For each site, the guide provides a detailed history, driving directions, online resources, and GPS coordinates.

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