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High-rise condo building includes features geared toward healthy living

Healthy living starts at home. That is why McKinley Homes, the developer of Seven88 West Midtown condominiums, has included features to keep future residents happy, healthy and safe. Seven88 West Midtown has put measures in place to keep the residents’ health and wellness at the forefront of everyday living with features in both the common areas and in each individual home.

Healthy Living Features at Seven88 West Midtown“In light of our current situation, we know that healthy living is more important than ever before,” said John Jones, developer of Seven88 West Midtown. “As a builder, we have the unique opportunity to provide homeowners with a space that is inherently designed to promote health and wellness, an invaluable trait in a new home.”

Common Spaces

Residents can use a keyless touch feature from the time they enter the garage until they reach their own front door thanks to keyless entry points and a no-contact elevator. The resident access card can be scanned to open the exterior doors and the elevator door, and it then automatically sends them to the floor where they live. In addition, there are touchless lighting and temperature controls in the common areas, which help slow down the spread of germs in high-contact areas.

Each common area, including the elevator lobbies, main lobby, and gym, has its own Purell hand sanitizer dispenser. Frequent cleaning of the many common areas, as well as regular sanitization of the trash areas, is included in the HOA fee.

At Seven88 West Midtown, residents can enjoy socially distant, small gatherings thanks to the building’s large outdoor space. Segmented seating and semi-private gathering spaces are located throughout the outdoor deck, allowing for multiple small gatherings to remain outside at the same time while staying separated.

Finally, residents have access to a dedicated area for food and package deliveries to be picked up or dropped off without having to meet people face-to-face.


Seven88 West Midtown is inherently healthier than the average home thanks to its full glass exterior that allows in more natural sunlight. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the natural sunlight have been proven to kill bacteria and viruses, helping to control the spread of germs within the homes.

Each home has its own fresh air intake and exhaust. Unlike older buildings that circulate air by the floor or the entire building, Seven88 West Midtown’s air circulates only within each individual condo, much like a single-family home.

Finally, residences include private balconies that allow access to personal outdoor living space, giving homeowners the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors while staying socially distant from others.

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