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While some suggest that email is dead, those in the know continue to reap the rewards of using email to capture leads and customers. On today’s Marketing Minute segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick discuss sending and tracking email as marketing strategy.

Before any discussion of tracking an email marketing initiative, we must first understand different types of email campaigns. Morgan explains that there are three types: autoresponders, promotions and newsletter or blogging campaigns. An autoresponder is an email reply sent when a new lead completes a “Contact Us” form or requests more information. These will happen for as long as a company is seeking leads, and can transition to include a longer, automatic series of emails that introduce the firm, its principles and its products. Morgan says this content needs to be evergreen.

A promotions campaign is more of a “one-off” type of email when a company wants to announce a new product, winning an award, or a sale or discount. Finally, a newsletter or blogging campaign sends blog content directly to subscribers so that current, fresh content is delivered at regular intervals. After a month solid blog content, these can be converted to a monthly newsletter.

But whatever type of campaign, tracking those can increase their effectiveness and lead to lifelong customers. Tracking which emails get opened, and which links are most popular shows companies what type of content its prospective customers want to see. Knowing this allows them to continue creating this content, and provides an opportunity for follow-up.

Morgan and Schnick suggest using an email software for these campaigns. MailChimp and Constant Contact are two that work well for companies of all sizes. Using these ensure that email marketing conforms to constraints that won’t get a company flagged as spam. Further, these services make tracking simple.

Listen to today’s segment to learn more about implementing effective email marketing.


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