RS Andrews awarded the 2021 HomeAid Trade Partner OTY

R.S. Andrews has been named 2021 Trade Partner of the Year for HomeAid Atlanta. Congratulations!!  HomeAid announced its 2021 Award Winners at the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association (HBA) and Atlanta Sales and Marketing Council Holiday Party and Silent Auction on December 1 at Atlanta Athletic Club, which raised $12,000 to help further HomeAid’s mission.

R.S. Andrews was integral to HomeAid Atlanta’s project to replace and repair plumbing in 16 apartment units at The Drake House, which provides emergency and transitional housing for mothers and children in north Fulton County. Nesha Mason, The Drake House Executive Director said, “Last year we had a breach in our pipes and our insurance company told us they would no longer insure us with the cast iron pipes. Just in time, along came HomeAid and R.S. Andrews. We are grateful to these two organizations; we would not have been able to continue our mission without them.”

“RS Andrews has always had a firm stance on giving back to the community,” said Brad Luckey, R.S Andrews Plumbing Manager. “Everyone who worked on this project appreciated being a part of it and felt a huge sense of accomplishment.”

“We would not have been able to take on The Drake House plumbing repair project without R.S. Andrews. They sent an email out of the blue asking how they could help us with our work, and didn’t even flinch when I presented this huge need to them. They contributed over $55,000 worth of labor and material to totally change the old, failing, cast iron pipes in 16 apartments to new, updated PVC to prevent any future issues for the mothers and children seeking emergency housing at The Drake House. We cannot thank them enough for making this project possible,” Mandy Crater, HomeAid Atlanta Executive Director.

Congratulations to R.S. Andrews for being named Trade Partner of the Year and a big thank you for the hard work on behalf of HomeAid Atlanta. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, nonprofit organization HomeAid Atlanta helps people experiencing or at risk of homelessness build new lives through construction, community engagement, and education.

HomeAid Atlanta is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001, with a mission to help people experiencing or at risk of homelessness build new lives through construction, community engagement, and education. HomeAid builds, renovates, and maintains facilities for nonprofits serving people experiencing homelessness. Celebrating its 20th year of service in 2021, HomeAid has completed over 150 construction projects at locations for victims of domestic violence, teen mothers, veterans and more, utilizing connections with building industry professionals and community organizations. HomeAid also provides essential items like diapers, wipes, and hygiene products to those affected by homelessness. HomeAid is the designated charity of the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association. Learn more at

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