Paint swatches are no longer just for choosing a paint color. From jewelry to wall art to holiday wreaths, paint swatches and stripe cards can be repurposed for creative accent pieces, arts and crafts projects and more. The PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS® brand has launched the “Pin It to Win It” promotion, providing THE VOICE OF COLOR® Pinterest followers with the opportunity to win paint swatches and stripe cards to use for their latest artistic masterpiece.

Tying to The Voice of Color program – the color platform for PPG Pittsburgh Paints products, based on the premise that every color has an emotional, meaningful association – the “Pin It to Win It” promotion encourages Pinterest users to find their favorite DIY project using stripe cards from The Voice of Color’s “Paint Swatches and Stripe Cards” board, repin the image with the #voiceofcolor and #stripecardpromo hashtags. Running through the remainder of the year, the first 100 eligible entrants who are verified to have completed the entry requirements will receive one package comprised of paint chip samples from The Voice of Color.

“We receive countless requests from independent artists, art classes and teachers for paint swatches to use in the design of some incredibly unique and creative projects as a way to add a bold, colorful accent to their daily lives,” said Dee Schlotter, brand manager for The Voice of Color program of the PPG Pittsburgh Paints brand. “The ‘Pin It to Win It’ promotion affords anyone who has been inspired to think outside of the box and create a wonderful conversation piece.”

Added Schlotter, “The promotion also aids in PPG Pittsburgh Paint’s overall sustainability efforts as we are able to recycle the paint swatches in a creative fashion instead of throwing them away.”


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