While you’re celebrating with friends and family today, have a great time but be sure to stay safe. There are certain things to keep in mind of course, like possible snowy roads and rogue deep fat turkey fryers, but keep pet safety in mind today too. All of us at Atlanta Real Estate Forum love our pets, from bunnies or cats and dogs, to horses and goats. That’s why we’ll leave you with a few safety tips to ensure your furry family members have a happy holiday as well.

Holiday Plants

Certain types of plants can be poisonous to cats or dogs – poinsettia’s for example. Another thing we may not think is a danger are the live evergreen decorations, whether it’s garland or a live tree. Pine needles, especially tiny ones can puncture an animal if ingested. If you think your animal has chowed down on your Christmas decorations, monitor its behavior and be prepared to call an animal poison hotline.

Deck the Halls

Animals love to play with shiny new baubles, like the ornaments on your Christmas tree. Glass ornaments should be extra-secured to the tree and swiftly swept up if broken. Your feline may think your tree is its new kitty-condo. Secure the tree to the wall with hooks and wire if there’s a danger of it toppling if climbed.

Guest Anxiety

With so many new people in the home, pets can get a little freaked out. Be sure water, food and your cat’s litter box is accessible in places away from all the noise and activity. Also be sure your guests don’t feed your animals food they shouldn’t be eating.

Do you have any pet-safety tips to share this holiday season?

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