Selling your Atlanta home in 2011 may not top your list of resolutions, but if it made the list at all, now is the time to get started. According to the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog and real estate expert Ilyce Glink, the spring real estate market started on January 2. That means you need to hurry to get your home listed at the beginning of real estate’s prime selling season.

Of course, we have tips to get you started. Glink’s article, “How to Sell Your Home in 2011,” is full of inexpensive pointers for getting your home in top selling condition. Glink recommends that you start by finding the person who will be your best partner in this entire endeavor – a real estate agent with experience selling in your neighborhood and in your price point. The agent you choose should show a history of successful sales in the immediate area through aggressive marketing tactics.

Your agent will likely make recommendations for getting your home in shape for successful showings, and Glink offers some to get you started, too. For example, have only one or two items out on your kitchen and bathroom countertops. Other clutter should be given away, thrown away or stashed away. If you choose the latter, you may want to consider renting a storage unit for the extras.

Extra pieces of furniture, art and books might go into storage as well. And what about those boxes of holiday decorations? Send them packing until you get into your new home. When extra items are out of your way, it will be easier to clean your home and keep it that way – a very important part of selling quickly and for the best price.

For more tips on getting your Atlanta home ready to sell in the coming year, visit the

Equifax Personal Finance Blog. And if you think of other tips, share them with us. Let us hear about the finishing touches that made your home bring top dollar.

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