One of the many reasons people decide to buy a new Grovetown home is because everything is new – from appliances to cabinets to flooring. This means that upkeep is a lot simpler, instead of spending time and money on expensive repairs to an older home, a new home only requires proper upkeep.

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a seasoned veteran, BrightNest offers a variety of useful organization and maintenance tips. Homeowners will love the Homefolio feature, which allows you to store key home documents and details such as phone numbers and paint colors. The site can even find your owner’s manuals, track project history and remind you of items on your to-do list!

Buyers can also download a new homeowner guide from BrightNest. This special guide includes the first ten steps to caring for your new home including potential hazards for people, pets and property; how to be ready in an emergency; basics of electricity, gas and water and small ways to save big. It’s a great resource for helping you keep your home in great shape from day one!

If you’re looking for low-maintenance yards and quality built homes, explore Keystone Home’s Ashbrooke community. Located in Grovetown, this community features homes with hardwood flooring, high-end carpet, generous upgrades, patios and much more priced from $111,900.

With Keystone, buyers can rest assured that you will be involved in the building process. We provide customer orientation before closing in order to assure total satisfaction. Our on-staff decorating coordinator will also review our available optional luxury features with you in order to help you personalize your residence.

For more information, please visit the Keystone Homes website.

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