Laura Zorko, COO, Blue River Development

When it comes to development in Atlanta, Laura Zorko is making real estate history. As the Chief Operating Officer of Blue River Development, she’s been with the company since day one and played a major role in its growth and success.

Zorko has been at Blue River for eight years and helped create the company’s operating processes. She is responsible for day-to-day operations, including overseeing the company’s human resources functions, managing legal and accounting, directing the drafting and execution of contracts, developing and maintaining relationships with strategic partners, and ensuring the company’s financial security.

When Zorko started at Blue River, she was one of only three people at the company, along with founders Brad and Michael Cooper. The team worked out of a room in Brad Cooper’s house and strived to make their vision a reality.

Before joining Blue River, Zorko worked for Anheuser-Busch in her hometown of St. Louis. During her five years there, she oversaw brand identity for packaging and corporate identity.

Zorko’s passion for helping the company reach its goals, determination, and deep understanding of the business have been key drivers for its continued success.

One of Zorko and the team’s biggest challenges when starting the company was staying ahead of the competition. But they persevered, aligned themselves with the right people, and created a process for achieving their goals. Today, Zorko’s proudest accomplishment is having helped build Blue River Development into the successful company it is today. Her superhero talent is organization, which has undoubtedly been a key factor in her success at Blue River.

“Brad and Michael are always thinking forward to the next challenge and what’s next. I love this about them. There is never a goal that is too big,” said Zorko. “We don’t let challenges stop us.”

Her favorite part of the job is working with the team. Zorko comments, “I love our team and the people. The people are the best! “

Caroline Weyer adds, “Laura is the backbone of this company. She truly is a part of all of our success.”

Aside from her work at Blue River, Zorko is a dedicated mother and wife. She is treasurer for the South Forsyth High School track and field. She loves hiking around Georgia’s beautiful trails and spending time with her family.

Her advice for women starting in the residential real estate industry is to map their path, never doubt themselves, and always strive to achieve their dreams. Her commitment to her work and her passion for success is truly inspiring. With her determination, leadership skills, and love for the job, Laura Zorko is a force to reckon with in Atlanta’s real estate industry. We’re excited to see what she’ll achieve next with Blue River Development.

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