How do you start your day? Do you have a daily routine? At Soleil Laurel Canyon, every day isn’t simply a routine. Every day is filled with the opportunity to learn a new craft, find a new hobby, make new friends and enjoy all of the beauty that life has to offer in Georgia’s premier active adult community.

The pleasures of living at Soleil Laurel Canyon are not confined to the community’s gates. The historic town of Canton, home to Soleil, offers incredible options in the arts, culture, dining, music and night life.

  • Cherokee County History Museum and Visitors Center
    • The Cherokee County History Museum and Visitors Center features permanent and temporary exhibits about the county’s history. The museum features interactive iPad presentations and videos of Cherokee County citizens with a remarkable story to tell.
  • The Rock Barn
    • The Crescent Farm Historical Center, known locally as the Rock Barn, is a treasured landmark. It was constructed in 1906 by Augustus Lee Coggins, and it is believed to be the only existing rock barn in Georgia. Today, the Crescent Farm Historical Center is a unique landmark and multi-use facility.
  • Downtown Canton
    • Downtown Canton provides a vast array of dining and night-life options. With restaurants like the Downtown Grill, Goin’ Coastal and the Winchester Fire Grill, an evening over dinner and a night on the town is an exciting venture for Canton residents and visitors alike.
  • Tanglewood Farm Miniatures
    • Tanglewood Farm is a 10-acre wild west farm with more than 100 miniature inhabitants. Named one of Atlanta’s best attractions by Turner South, Atlanta Magazine and Fodor’s Around Atlanta with Kids, Tanglewood is a wholesome family place where young and old can enjoy together a trip back to the past.
  • Canton Ghost Tour
    • The Canton Ghost Tour shares the town’s peculiar heritage with visitors from the events of the Civil War that shaped the local mindset to the indelible mark of famous forebears whose spirits forever define this scenic southern city.

If you appreciate a small town that boasts exciting activities and incredible culture, visit Soleil Laurel Canyon here to learn more about how you can make the move. Or, come experience Soleil via a Discovery Tour, and see for yourself all the priceless elements of the community that make Soleil special. Call Soleil at 678-880-3071 to schedule your tour today.

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