Jim Chapman Honored with Lewis Cenker Award

Jim Chapman, President of Jim Chapman Construction Group (JCCG), has been distinguished with the Lewis Cenker Award by the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association (GAHBA). This esteemed accolade is bestowed to recognize an individual’s lifelong contributions and achievements in the housing industry.

Named after Lewis Cenker, an industry luminary and the only GAHBA member to serve as President of the National Association of Home Builders, this award is the GAHBA’s highest honor.

Jim Chapman wins the Lewis Cenker Award 2023

“Jim Chapman’s dedication to the advancement and protection of the home building industry is both inspirational and transformational,” stated Corey Deal, Executive Officer of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. “His involvement and leadership at local, state and national levels has significantly advanced our industry.”

Chapman has demonstrated unwavering commitment and service to the industry throughout his career. Locally, he served as the GAHBA President in 2018, has been a key figure in the 55+ council and earned the status of Life Board Member. At the state level, his presidency in 2021 and leadership in various committees, including founding the ALL Program, highlight his influential role. Chapman was also a celebrated BEAM award recipient in 2017. Nationally, Chapman’s engagement with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is extensive, having chaired several pivotal committees such as the 55+ Council, the Land Development Committee, the Single Family Committee and BUILD-PAC.

He has been named Builder of The Year by numerous industry organizations. These accolades include HomeAid Atlanta in 2017, the NAHB 55+ Housing Council in 2018, the GAHBA in 2019, and the Home Builders Association of Georgia in 2023.

“This award reflects my lifelong journey in an industry that I am passionate about and truly honored to be a part of,” said Chapman. “It’s not just about building homes; it’s about creating communities and making a lasting impact.”

JCCG transforms raw land into thriving residential rental communities for investors and funds. JCCG is licensed as a general contractor in Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina and offers a broad spectrum of services, from pre-construction assistance to design-build, construction management, or full-service general contracting.

BTR investors interested in working with JCCG on turnkey BTR solutions should visit www.JimChapmanConstructionGroup.com or call 770-434-3602 (option 2).

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  1. Me. Chapman is an extraordinarily great builder! He is very detail-oriented, cares for clients & has a solid foundation in both himself and his buildings.

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