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    Randi Krasnoff and Donna Hogan join host Todd Schnick and co-host Carol Morgan on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio, All about Real Estate edition, to get insight from professionals in the field and hear their advice to home buyers.

    Krasnoff is a senior loan consultant from American Eagle Mortgage and Donna Hogan is a multi-million dollar club member with Atlanta Communities. Krasnoff describes the mission of American Eagle Mortgage as “all about getting the deal done and helping those homebuyers and would-be homebuyers achieve the dream of home ownership.” Atlanta Communities is a Real Estate brokerage that serves the greater Atlanta area. Atlanta Communities has more than 725 realtors and associate brokers to guide either buyers or sellers through their real estate transactions.

    Hogan has an impressive resume, even before beginning her successful career as a realtor. She started out as a secretary on Wall Street, but through her own tenacity and urge to learn and grow, Hogan eventually became a Vice President. Hogan is a 9/11 survivor, and after 14 years on Wall Street, she decided she needed a change. After taking classes and obtaining her real estate license, she moved to Atlanta in 2005.

    Hogan met Krasnoff last year after working on a deal together. Hogan was impressed by how smoothly everything ran with the clients, so she requested Krasnoff as a lender for two clients this year. While sales are a crucial aspect of the job, Krasnoff prefers to look at Hogan as a service person rather than sales person. Her professionalism and skill allow her to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers.

    Hogan has worked with a wide array of clients, including celebrities like Lil Wayne. She enjoys working with sellers as well as buyers, because she’s in a market that can always use more inventory. However, when asked, Hogan believes her specialty is with first time homebuyers.

    The first time buyers need a certain amount of guidance, because there is a lot of information that needs to be walked through. Hogan enjoys helping them through this process and does so with what she calls a buyer’s package. This package is a questionnaire that helps buyers to visualize and really think about the kind of house they’re looking for. If buyers have an idea of what they want, then the process can go much smoother.

    A skilled and accomplished realtor, Hogan has her own advice for first time homebuyers. The first step is the most important but also one of the hardest. She starts her clients off by having them speak to a lender, so it’s clear from the beginning what they qualify for. This puts everybody on the same page and makes it much easier to find the perfect home.

    Hogan then likes to narrow down a location the clients want to look at, as well as specifications of what they want, including schools and surrounding area. This gives a good visual of how the process is going to go.

    The last advice Hogan has to give is to have some fun with the house search. Buying a home can stressful and full of emotion, so lightening it up makes everybody happier. Krasnoff praises Hogan’s ability to add enjoyment to the process and balance out any negative aspects.

    Donna Hogan is a great resource to have when making a real estate decision. Whether buying or selling, clients will be in reliable hands. One of the most important things to realize is, buying a home isn’t going to be like it’s shown on reality TV. It’s a much longer and more difficult process, but with Hogan’s help, she promises to make that process as easy as possible.

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