Most people would not imagine that growing their own food and living in the middle of a big city can go together. However, a growing demand for fresh, healthy food has allowed the “agrihood” trend, which started almost 30 years ago, to flourish. Now, over 200 agrihoods have popped up across America.

REALTOR Mag says developers first created agrihoods as an alternative to golf and country club neighborhoods for residents who did not play golf (a higher number than expected, according to the Urban Land Institute). As a cheaper way of adding community greenspace, developers placed farms at the center of their communities. This kind of development took off because home buyers were enticed by the option of having fresh organic food close by and because of how green the communities were, in addition to their closeness to cities.

CBS News recently featured an agrihood in Ashburn, Virginia. Willowfords Farm’s culinary director, Bonnie Moore said that a major pull for buyers at Willowfords Farm was that they would know where their food came from, as well as spending time together as a family. “This could have been a golf course, but it’s not…it’s so much more interactive.”

One resident, Melissa Miller, said that her children prefer being on the farm to being on their phones. “They’re seeing where their food’s coming from and they are having a healthier lifestyle because of it.” She also said that there are more benefits than healthy food from living at Willowfords Farm. “We all have stressful lives with work and families and friends, but just to drive down the street, you kind of have your ‘ahh’ moment.”


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