Now that we are in November and soon we will be in the thick of the holiday season, it is important that we consider your best practices early to keep yourself and your family safe from identity theft. The Equifax Finance Blog shares helpful tips with the article, ”

6 Ways To Prevent Identity Theft.”

The holidays can mean additional spending, more mail and personal information being shared and other ways that you and your family may be exposed to thieves. While you can’t live in fear and ruin your holidays, you can stay vigilant to increase your

ID theft protection either through using a service or taking time to carefully guard your options.

Using a service like the Equifax Complete gives you 24/7 monitoring and protection, as well as unlimited access to your score from Equifax. In addition, you will have access to additional protection and a specialist to help you recover.

You can also guard your own identity theft options through controlling what information you give out, keeping items which have personal information (like mail) safe and keeping up with your accounts to make sure your information and spending is correct. While this may seem like a lot of work, it is incredibly important to keep your identity safe during the hectic holidays when there are more places asking for personal information for rewards, deliveries and more.

To learn more identity theft protection information, as well as helpful personal finance advice on everything from credit to retirement, check the Equifax Finance Blog.

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