Another new guest on Atlanta Real Estate Forum joins today’s episode of All About Real Estate to showcase the work they are doing for Atlanta’s building and real estate industries. Lauren Standish, principal with HGOR, discusses the architecture firm’s deep involvement in the planning of Atlanta and how the city is shaping itself.

HGOR is a landscape architecture and planning firm that is celebrating 25 years in Atlanta this year. The firm is focused on planning and designing spaces that are excellent for Atlantans, support a return on investment and provide a stewardship ethic for future generations. HGOR designs a variety of public and private spaces, and Standish comments that you can see their work “between the buildings.” Much of their work is visible while strolling the streets of Atlanta, whether it is a corporate campus, park, college campus, workplace, urban architecture project, mixed-use community and more.

The firm asks several questions in the design and planning process. “What does this space feel like, do I feel safe, is it interesting, can I get there okay,” Standish notes as important factors in landscape architecture. She also brings that the open spaces between the buildings will always be there, while the inside of the buildings may be renovated multiple times. Therefore, she says, it is important to consider what functions will be held there, what the people will use the space for and to accommodate those needs.

Sustainability is a huge factor in planning, says Standish. For example, stormwater management, instead of going under the ground, can be made into an amenity of the space and add to its beauty and functionality. Additionally, many of the projects they are working on are including greenery, greenspaces and foliage that will tie in the natural world to the city.

Standish also tells listeners about an exciting new project that is coming up. HGOR recently signed on with the City of Atlanta to design a new park and greenspace for the city at the Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry. The park will showcase winding walking trails and overviews of the quarry-turned reservoir. The company is focused on showcasing the community and the character and culture of the city through the development.

The firm’s process includes planning roadways, walkways, parking, building placement and more. The goal with each project is how each space will function and feel to the users.

Learn more about HGOR, its experience and extensive portfolio and future plans for Atlanta by listening to today’s podcast. For questions, contact Lauren Standish by calling 404-929-3364, emailing LaurenStandish@HGOR.com or by visiting www.HGOR.com.


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