Fulfill Upcoming Holiday Staffing Needs with TempSmart

The holiday season can be stressful enough without having to think about business hour changes, time-off requests and staffing solutions. Leading staffing agency to the homebuilding industry, TempSmart Staffing Solutions is ready to make the season a little brighter with holiday staffing solutions for this hectic fourth quarter.

Finding skilled, reliable and qualified personnel is important for any home builder, especially during the holidays. Here are a few ways to manage the staffing stress while providing homebuyers with what they expect.

Focus on Business Hours

During the holiday season, it’s important for businesses to inform both employees and clients of any changes made to normal business hours. Due to vacations, holiday travel and fewer hours in the working day, hours are likely to need to be adjusted here and there. Consider each holiday, as well as the days before and after to determine whether hours might be altered for the holidays. Some questions home builders may want to ask themselves include:

  • How will your business observe the week of Thanksgiving?
  • Will your sales center or model homes be open on Christmas Eve?
  • Do you plan on shortening your business hours on New Year’s Eve?

Manage Time-Off Requests

If the time-off requests aren’t already rolling in, it’s time to get prepared. With the holidays quickly approaching, employees will be looking to request time off for holiday travel and spending time with their families. While it is important to give staff the time-off they deserve, it’s also important to keep business goals in mind.

Consider seasonal factors that may also affect businesses during the holidays such as busier-than-normal foot traffic, cold and flu season and already-scheduled vacation days. To avoid being short-staffed, home builders will want to communicate time-off procedures with employees well in advance. Some procedures may include accepting requests at a first-come-first-served basis, space out vacation days or stagger schedules to ensure there are people working when needed.

Determine the Need for Extra Staff

Being short-staffed during the holiday season is a common problem for businesses, but not one that cannot be solved. In addition to offering direct staffing solutions, TempSmart also provides temporary and temp-to-to hire options. Temporary staffing offers immediate relief during the holiday rush by coverage for staff meetings, assistance with special events, back-office support, emergency sick leave, quarter/year-end support and much more. For home builders looking for temporary staff with the potential to hire on, temp-to-hire is a great option that allows for immediate support while also serving as a trial period.

Are you in need of holiday staffing solutions? Let TempSmart determine your staffing needs and take some stress out of holiday season. For more information about TempSmart Staffing Solutions services, visit www.TempSmart.biz.com.

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