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Atlanta Gas Light, a new sponsor of Atlanta’s Best New Homes TV, is featured on a recent edition of the show. Brian Batson, the company president, is on hand to discuss the advantages of installing a natural gas generator for your home.

It’s not uncommon to experience severe weather in Georgia, whether it is a winter ice storm or spring tornado. Atlanta Gas Light’s natural gas generators offer solutions for homeowners during these variable weather situations. As Brian states, with a generator, no power is no problem!

Natural gas generators have come a long way, and Atlanta Gas Light customers now have the ability to make sure they have power year-round and in any weather. These generators will blend right into the exterior of any home, and they feature electronics inside that monitors the power. If they sense that there is no power, they automatically engage and begin to create the power needed to power a home.

Many homeowners don’t realize that most homeowner’s insurance companies will provide a credit for installing a natural gas generator. This keeps the insurance company, and the homeowner, from worrying about whether damage will occur in the home in the event of freezing pipes while you’re out of town during the winter time.

These natural gas generators can be installed in any existing or new home. To determine which generator is needed, homeowners can visit the Atlanta Gas Light website and input information about their home. There is also a list of contractors available on the website that can provide homeowners with price quotes and installations services once they’re ready to install a new natural gas generator.

When you’re searching for your new home, be sure to purchase one that offers the advantage of natural gas. For more information, visit www.AtlantaGasLight.com.

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